4 Side Hustles That Are Amazing For Your Resume (And Your Wallet)

Sometimes a full-on job or internship during the semester is just too much. Or maybe you want to take advantage of your upcoming holiday break, but can’t commit to a gig at the movie theater or the coffee shop. You need to make more money, get more experience, and be productive, but it can’t become your whole life. That’s when you know: It’s time for a side hustle.

Here’s a list of four side hustles that will help your wallet and your resume grow.

1. Tutor @ Varsity Tutors

What better way to show that you’re not only ambitious and driven, but also really, really smart than to be a tutor in your spare time? Well, that’s exactly what Varsity Tutors offers you the opportunity to do.

Varsity Tutors pairs you, a subject-matter expert on [insert talent/specialty here], with someone who needs help preparing for an exam, a class, or a standardized test in that field. You could be an SAT math tutor or an Organic Chemistry tutor. As long as you’ve got the basic teaching skills and the knowledge, you can start making bank by helping others learn.

2. Pet Sitter/Dog Walker @ Care.com

Care.com is a leading online marketplace that connects millions of families around the world with caregivers (including dog walkers and pet sitters). They put people like you (eager to make extra cash while doing something you love) in contact with owners who need their pets walked, watched, or otherwise cared for.

Walk dogs. Watch pets. Be the animal lover you know you are. Get paid. It really is that simple.

Plus, you’ll gain exposure to 1) running your own pet services business and 2) working for a gig economy startup, which will make for valuable talking points when you apply for a summer internship or full-time job.

3. Proofreading @ Grammarly

Are you proficient with prose? Great at grammar? Excellent with elocution? Then you might be the perfect person for a proofreading role with Proofit by Grammarly.

You’ve probably heard of Grammarly, the incredible, AI-assisted tool that helps you write emails, essays, and everything in between. Now, Grammarly offers people-based proofreading services with Proofit.

And in classic side-hustle-style, the hours are entirely flexible, the work is always available, and you get to connect with a global community of users and professionals.

4. Barista @ Starbucks

It’s an iconic college job: Barista at Starbucks. You know the uniform. You know the drinks. Now it’s time to serve them up.

With flexible hours and amazing perks like discounts (and a college degree through Arizona State University’s online program), there’s a lot to love about a part-time position at Starbucks.

Get Your Side Hustle On

So, go on, and get applying. Whether you’re tutoring, teaching, dog-sitting, or serving up caffeinated deliciousness, you’ll be hustling. And hustlers are the ones who make it big.