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Tax Differences between an Employee and Freelancer

After Covid-19 hit, many employees lost their positions and became freelancers. The change in status comes with new responsibilities, such as filing your taxes. Keeping these differences in mind is crucial while looking for a new job, career change or a side hustle.…

How To Work From Home With Your Pet Peacefully

Author: Bren (Creator of The Pet Frenzy Community)  Are You Wondering How To Work From Home With Your Pet Peacefully? As the creator of the Pet Frenzy Community I work from home. Although, I can honestly say it has been challenging with a…

Greater Hamilton’s Full Service Marketing Agency

They’re Thinkr, Greater Hamilton’s full-service marketing agency. With over 100 years of combined marketing experience, they have had the privilege to collaborate with a vast array of clients in various industries across the greater Hamilton region. With each unique project, their goal remains the same – achieving…

Giving a presentation? Bring your ‘A’ Game with professional slides

Based out of their Toronto office, they serve clients from all over the globe with custom tailored presentation design services. Their team reflects the culture theu’ve chosen: open, engaged, friendly, and caring. Creative, Skilled, and Experienced A great presentation takes time and expert…

Profit Parrot: About Us

Many business owners find it time-consuming to engage in social media marketing campaigns or get involved with SEO. Here’s where we come in. We’re a team of professionals, passionate about giving your business an unforgettable online presence and helping you succeed amid the tough…