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How to Find a Part-Time Job

How to Find a Part-Time Job From college students to working moms, retirees, and those who need more flexible schedules or additional money, part-time employment is an excellent option for many workers. While part-time jobs don’t offer as many benefits as full-time employment,…

How to Write an Effective CV – 5 Steps From the Experts

You’ve seen an advertisement for your dream job. You want to send in your CV. But, you’ve got an old CV that you updated two years ago. What are you going to do? Follow these 5 steps so that your CV is the LAST one…

What Makes Good Employees Quit? 16 Most Common Reasons

There’s this common assumption that today’s employees, especially those of the Millennial crowd and younger (born in 1982 or after), are frequent “job-hoppers”. More specifically, that they quit / change jobs way more often than past generations did and that they are typically…

10 golden rules for writing your CV

The job market continues to remain highly competitive for candidates with employers often overwhelmed by the numbers of applications received for every vacancy. In today’s tough economic climate, finding a new job is onerous for most but fine-tuning your CV can help secure…


In the search for talent, fintech firms have always taken a global view. In the UK alone, the fintech sector employs more than 76,500 people, 42 per cent of whom are from overseas. This figure is even higher in the US, with 57 per…