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Starting as a boutique digital marketing company in 2011, they have continued to expand their offerings and appropriately re-branded in 2017 to The Analyst Agency, a firm that helps clients with not only their marketing, but transforming their businesses to meet today’s challenges.

Their Name: Strategy & Analysis To Create Change

Their name, “The Analyst Agency” came to be, given their background in business analysis, a relatively new and growing research & professional discipline involving identifying business needs and determining solutions to key problems.  They wanted to create value by defining needs and solutions for their clients.  A Business Analyst is someone that articulates and facilitates change.

They do this, by discussing your goals, analyzing your current processes, your industry, and your competitive environment, and offer customized solutions to bring about the necessary changes to improve your bottom-line.

Who They Are: A Consortium Of Experts

About Steven Czyrny- Principal Consultant

Steven Czyrny created The Analyst Agency to mitigate new challenges impacting small and medium sized businesses. He has a background that blends marketing, sales, research, and business analysis.  Having been involved with over 50 companies, Czyrny has worked with startups, multi-million dollar companies, and everything in between. He has helped launch new companies, manage complex projects, and tap into new markets, while working along side top advertising and consulting firms.  He has personally managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital marketing campaigns, including social media, search engine marketing, and premium online media outlets.  His experience as a Business Analyst– studying internal processes, developing impactful plans, and managing projects; as well as a marketing and sales consultant– creating results-driven campaigns, interacting with customers, and pinpointing exact target audiences, enabled him to create something that can truly
be a unique, multi-faceted consulting firm that helps companies in many ways.

Their Partners

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When you do business with them, you gain access to a consortium of experts who have years of experience managing marketing campaigns, growing sales, attracting top talent, & reporting key findings.  They are a single point of contact for clients as they analyze needs, and deliver customized solutions.  They understand how difficult running a business can be– They want to be a trusted resource that you can come to with challenges, and you can work together to solve them.  In order to serve all their clients’ needs, they built a network of trusted practitioners and firms to help provide additional support when it is necessary.

They recently launched their own membership program of professionals (click here to learn more) specifically to continue to bring value to their clients.

Being able to provide all of these integrated services allows for great collaboration and quality control.

In addition to their members, they have strategic alliances, and a network that includes:

-Business & Data Analysts
-IT Project Managers
-Staffing & Recruiting Firms
-Marketing Consultants
-Media Buying Agencies
Market Research Firms
-Corporate Investigative & Due Diligence Firms

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