The demands of oil have spread over the entire globe and the continuous discovery of oil deposits in countries in the Middle East and other countries in the Pacific pave the way for oil jobs. As the demand for energy is rapidly expanding jobs in oil and gas sectors continue to grow to meet the demand. 

This includes a variety of positions like rigs, pipelines, or even refineries. If you want to work in this sector you have to start as a laborer because it requires no experience and educational requirement then work your way up to drill operator and other higher paid responsibilities like petroleum technician or geologists and engineers which require a bachelor degree.

Drilling and extracting oil from the bottom or oil rig floor through the use of heavy equipment operated by and technically skilled workers make the companies in oil become more productive. Advanced technology like the mud motor which drills the earth horizontally in extracting oil from a distance out from an offshore platform out under a city is made possible by a driller. Salaries for jobs in oil vary from the kind of position in the company. A tool pusher which is the highest paying position in the drilling operations has a starting salary of about $75,000 or more. A company man/woman being a representative of the oil company may receive a salary of about $120,000. A management skill is required for this position to ensure the smooth flow of the company operations.


The salary offering ranging from $40,000-$120,000 annually by the oil companies is enough to attract skilled workers from across the globe. Among the positions are; deck crew such as roustabout, painter, crane operator; drill crew includes: roughneck, Derrickman, and drillers; catering crew such as chef or cook, night cook or baker, camp boss.

Roustabout which is a common entry-level position in oil jobs and they are responsible in maintaining a clean deck area, also he guides the crane operator on the technicalities of the job. Painter for instance, is only responsible in painting the oil rig. Crane operators on the other hand, are in charge of maintaining the machines that are used in the drilling operations. Drillers do the job to operate the actual drilling equipment, as well as drilling on and above the oil rig floor. Derrickman on the other hand, is responsible in the operation of the pump room and to it that mud pumps and mixture are maintained.

Catering crew in the oil job such as cook is in-charge of the food preparation and kitchen maintenance. To ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of this area, a camp boss is employed.

Salaries for Various Positions

Annual salary in the oil jobs are summarized as follows:

Roustabout $40,000-$45,000
Painter $40,000
Crane Operator $60,000
Roughneck $55,000
Driller $65,000-$80,000
Asst. Driller $55,000
Tool pusher $75,000 or more
Company man/woman $120,000
Chef or cook $40,000
Night cook or baker $45,000
Camp boss $60,000

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Hard-working and technically skilled people are the best to enter into the oil job. You can start applying by writing a resume and cover letter to tailor fit a specific type of job in oil that you are considering. Your resume should include your career objectives, educational background, and training. Include the name of each of your previous employers, location and duties and responsibilities you have performed. Search for the largest mining contractors and companies and review them before applying online.