Based out of their Toronto office, they serve clients from all over the globe with custom tailored presentation design services. Their team reflects the culture theu’ve chosen: open, engaged, friendly, and caring.

Creative, Skilled, and Experienced

A great presentation takes time and expert skills—they have years of experience creating and designing presentations and collateral materials. They’re always on top of the latest industry trends, and they apply this know-how to their work. Let them bring your ideas to life, so you can focus on the presenting part.

They Understand Business Too

Good design is only half the equation; understanding your business, your audience, and your value proposition is the other. With their experience working in CPGs to corporate finance, they can speak your language. Using their business savviness and creativity, they create presentations that are meaningful to your audience, with serious eye appeal.

A Fantastic In-house Team

Only the most flexible minds make it on the Stinson Design team. Their staff includes art directors, designers, animators, copywriters, and project managers. Together, their well-oiled team allows them to successfully collaborate at all stages of the production process.

Their services

New Presentation Design
THEIR DESIGNS ARE NOT ONLY EYE-CATCHING,they also communicate your ideas in an engaging way to leave a lasting impression. Their presentation experts will build a fully customized product to suit your corporate event, sales pitch, or investor deck. Working from an outline or source material, they’ll manage content to create a powerful presentation your audience understands.

Custom PowerPoint Templates
YOUR PRESENTATION COULD BE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION.Whether a sales deck, company overview, or something else, your presentation could be the first thing your audience sees. If so, it will likely shape their view of your company or how you’ll do business with them down the road. Their presentation experts can develop robust custom templates that are easy to use, integrating brand guidelines to create a consistent look across all your company presentations.

Infographics & Data
NEED HELP COMMUNICATING COMPLICATED INFORMATION AND MOUNTAINS OF DATA? Infographics convey information quickly, in a visual way the audience can easily process and retain. Their presentation experts design, integrate, and animate infographics to tell a story with data.

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