Are you applying for a position as a SEO consultant for an SEO agency or for an e-commerce website? Here are some basic tips and useful information about the most sought-after profiles.

Ready? First, make sure there are absolutely no spelling mistakes or typos in your cover letter: this can be a dealbreaker! Indeed, as Florence Le Vot (one of the best in the field) points out, “The mission of an SEO expert is to focus on the editorial and making mistakes in the language you write is absolutely detrimental. Because your work has a direct impact on your referencing, brand image and ability to seduce and convince readers.”

If you can get letters of recommendation and give proofs of different achievements, it will obviously increase the attractiveness of your application.

Above all, do not “lie” on your professional experiences to make them appear more glorious, and similarly, do not falsify your periods of employment. The recruiter could well find out about this and a lie is not acceptable in a work relationship.

Regarding your level of education, it is relative to the position sought, but the webmarketing sector is not closed to autodidacts, far from it, depending on the job to be filled.

A candidate who has real skills and demonstrates his deep passion for SEO will most likely land a job as a SEO consultant or a SEO manager. Indeed, the digital world does not stop at the end of your studies: you have to learn all your life, all the time. On the contrary, a recruiter will have more restraint towards you if you exhibit unmistakable skills but covet this position without passion. The worst for a recruiter? A SEO consultant who believes he knows everything better than everyone.

Show that you keep a constant watch, that you are aware of the technologies and methods deployed and that the world of the web, communication and search engines fascinates you. Show that you want to work for this SEO agency or this client, and explain why. Motivation, if combined with good SEO skills, is a much more attractive element for a recruiter than the perfect education.

Concerning your soft skills, the recruiter will certainly appreciate someone who is calm, efficient and curious. Being perfectly informed about the SEO agency or the website for which you seek a position as SEO manager is an absolute necessity: the recruiter will see your interest in the job and will be able to notice your professionalism and your determination.

The job of SEO consultant is at the crossroads between communication, marketing, editorial and technical: you will have to demonstrate that you fully understand these areas during your recruitement interview. In addition, presentation, didactic qualities, the art of compromise and negotiation, pragmatism and a good sense of contact area also important in this kind of position.

If a SEO consultant is expected to like to learn, he must also be able to transmit part of his own knowledge to people with very different profiles. He must constantly adapt, have a diversity of skills and a tendency to want to perfect them. Finally, of course, respect for others is also fundamental when working in a team.

Here is a useful piece of advice if you want to work in a SEO function: you must perfectly master the issues of e-reputation. Start by applying this to yourself! Before confirming that you are hired, the recruiter will most certainly search your name on Google! Make sure that the results that will then appear on search engines do not harm you one way or another and that your public shares on social networks do not show you in an unfavorable light.