Can you really earn a living from anywhere?

Can you really make money online from your home while dressed in your pajamas? Or telecommute from a remote location on a tropical island? What if all you want to do is have a quiet space to work that is free from office noise and that coworker who always has a “quick question”? 

All of these telecommute options are possible for those who take advantage of the work from home life. Even large companies like United Healthcare and IBM recognize the value of remote workers  – they are happier, less stressed, and more productive.

The Benefits of Telecommuting Go Beyond What You Wear to Work

One of the biggest benefits of telecommuting jobs is that you are in control  – where you work, when you work, and how much you work is up to you. How would your life be different if you had this flexible freedom?

Today, nearly 4 million Americans have Work From Home Jobs. Some are full-time while others work part time jobs from home. They are employees, contractors, and freelancers. Besides being in control of your work life, people with home based jobs also reap other benefits that you may not have considered.

  • Ability to stay focused – Working from home allows you control over your interruptions. If you need to focus and don’t want to be disturbed, simply close out your email, slack, or messaging, and turn the volume down on your phone until you’ve completed your tasks.
  • Make your own schedule – For many who perform home based jobs such as web development, coding, data entry, and accounting, there are numerous flexible jobs available that allow you to set your own hours. You can wake early to work or begin later in the day. You’re in control of your schedule.
  • Create your own office – When you are one of the millions with home based jobs, you can design your office however you like. It could be your study, a corner of your bedroom, or even your kitchen table. You can choose the chair, the colors, and the music that’s playing in the background.  And yes, you can even wear your pajamas. WorkAtHomeCareers has a great site where you can view Work at Home Jobs at no additional cost to you. These include legitimate home based jobs, articles, scam protection and free emailed job alerts.

So, what’s stopping you from snagging one of these flexible jobs? If you are convinced that there are legitimate work from home jobs, but still unsure how to make money online, then read on. There are thousands of legitimate online jobs – you just need to know where to look.

How to Find Online Jobs from Home

With so many different options for finding online jobs, the question is, which jobs from home are legitimate opportunities and which ones are not? Sifting through all of the information on the internet can feel daunting and overwhelming.  

You could find job opportunities by word of mouth, online job boards, freelancer websites, social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, or even directly from company websites. However, it is important to do your due diligence when using any of these sources – and this takes time.

To save some time and frustration, you could also outsource your job search to a company that has already screened businesses in need of remote workers right now. By investing a few dollars into your job search, you can find work faster and earn money online much sooner.

Think about it. Instead of spending countless hours searching for jobs, screening companies, and negotiating pay, you could simply enter your skills and apply with confidence for jobs from home that will pay you substantially for your skillset.

Remotegurus Has Thousands of Hand-Screened Remote Jobs Available

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, RemoteGurus is an online company that aggregates thousands of work from home and telecommute jobs in areas like HR, IT, and Finance. All of the jobs are hand-screened and offered from trusted sources.

Just a few of the large corporations who trust Remotegurus with finding telecommute candidates include IBM, JP Morgan Chase, and GE. Companies such as these, plus others are looking for people just like you to perform work from home. And they are willing to pay you well for the work.

In fact, the average telecommuter who finds jobs through Remotegurus earns over $85,000 USD each year. Remotegurus has more jobs and higher-paying jobs than its competitors because it is selective on the companies it works with.

Because Remoteguru’s goal is to pair high-quality candidates with well-paying jobs, there is a small monthly fee of $14.95 for the service. This ensures that job seekers are serious about their search for an online job. It is part of the selective screening process that is performed on both the employer and candidate side of the platform.

However, for a limited time, you can try Remotegurus for free. This 7-day free trial gives you access to all of the thousands of pre-screened jobs available from companies that you know and trust. You can search for jobs and create a resume so that companies can search for you too. We have recently added part time remote jobs and remote jobs for accountants

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Written by Jennifer Lester
Jennifer Lester is an experienced copywriter. She enjoys writing about 
work from home job opportunities. In her free time, she enjoys skiing,
drinking coffee, and a good book.