So your manager director made a decision that he needs an employee. He formulated for himself how the post of a specialist would be called, for which he would answer, what powers would be, what he would receive from the company, and so on.

Direction 1

Searching for candidates is better to start your own company. Here you can find a real specialist who is ready to make a required responsibilities. Sometimes is better to segment these responsibilities between available co-workers and promote staff rotation.

Direction 2

If such approach is not an option, you can pay attention to your closest friends or the guys you know, who are working in other companies.

If to scrubble in memory you can always find few names who has enough professional skills. The call to any of them may provide you targeted result.

Direction 3

If a specialist will refuse your offer, he will for sure recommend someone else instead of himself.

Direction 4

By placing a hiring advertisement in magazines, radio or TV, an employer decides really global task- thousands of people knows about the vacancies at once. Frequently such circumstance guarantees successful search results because of the large circle of candidates. What is more that all candidates responses will be targeted. 

You also need to remember the content of the ad text. The more precisely the requirements for candidates are formulated, the terms of employment and other information about the vacancy, the faster the candidate will be found.

Direction 5.

There is a more complex way, the so-called method of targeted personnel search. In this case, the objectives to be developed are first defined. It’s about competing companies, leading companies and any organizations where potential candidates for a vacant position work or can work. Having collected the relevant information, the names of the specialists of interest are established. Further, it is necessary to ensure contact with them and make a proposal for a change of place of work. This method is used mainly in the selection of top staff, and it can be used only by professionals in personnel management.

Direction 6.

The system of recruitment through specialized recruitment agencies is actively developing in our country. The main advantage of this method is the guaranteed result. Agency services are often paid after the candidate is found and starts working in the company of the employer. The agency’s consultants not only search and select staff but advise the company, which allows improving the situation, for example, with the adaptation of a new employee, to optimize the system of staff motivation.

Direction 7.

In recent years, the Internet has been actively used, thanks to which it is possible to find a specialist in any city. A lot of specialized Internet sites allow you to establish contact with candidates, organize correspondence.

Direction 8.

A fairly large number of enterprises use the services of the state employment service, where besides the social protection of unemployed citizens, conditions have been created for recruiting staff for employers, not only for permanent but also temporary work. The main advantage of this method is free of charge services.

Direction 9.

Employment job search engine Joogle, which consider thousands of job openings in different spheres from most known job boards and employers can give a chance to find dream work and to receive job experience for the applicants. Let’s make the job search time less nervous and divide this long and daunting process into small steps. You will find that searching for work – not such a terrible thing, what it may seems to be! Whether the jobseekers are beginning their career or have some experience under their belt, getting a new job has a process of its own and some key steps should be considered.