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As a member of modern society, you’re well aware that networking is one potential route to finding work. But, did you know it might actually be the best way to get the job done? (The job of finding a new job, that is.)…

5 Expert-Approved Hacks for Negotiating a Higher Salary

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, founder of the Fiscal Femme offers five fool-proof tips for negotiating a higher salary. Don’t be afraid to ask. I talk a lot about negotiation strategy and preparation, but the main reason my clients and community are so successful at negotiating…

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance When Working Remotely

More than ever before, many companies are asking their employees to work from home to remain safe and unaffected. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to capture headlines in the news and spread rapidly, employees are struggling with finding a sense of calm and…

4 Side Hustles That Rock For Your Resume (And Your Wallet)

Sometimes a full-on job or internship during the semester is just too much. Or maybe you want to take advantage of your upcoming holiday break, but can’t commit to a gig at the movie theater or the coffee shop. You need to make…

The Secret Formula to Answering “What’s Your Dream Job?” in an Interview

It’s important to be able to articulate your dream job. Not just for personal reasons, but also for when you’re asked about it in interviews. But, how can you even begin to describe your ideal job, especially to someone who’s clearly going to be…