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Top 10 Cities for a Career in Finance

There are finance jobs to be found in nearly every city in the world, but some cities offer more potential than others. This article pinpoints 10 top cities for finance jobs and examines their language requirements, typical weather, cost of living, and other…

How to Find a Part-Time Job

How to Find a Part-Time Job From college students to working moms, retirees, and those who need more flexible schedules or additional money, part-time employment is an excellent option for many workers. While part-time jobs don’t offer as many benefits as full-time employment,…

Profit Parrot: About Us

Many business owners find it time-consuming to engage in social media marketing campaigns or get involved with SEO. Here’s where we come in. We’re a team of professionals, passionate about giving your business an unforgettable online presence and helping you succeed amid the tough…

Solutions d’entreprise

Alcero is a company specializing in the development, implementation and deployment of Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft technologies such as Intranet, Extranet, Integrated Document Management, and Governance and Compliance Center. Services Integrated document management (IDM) Document governance and security are constant concerns for…


In the search for talent, fintech firms have always taken a global view. In the UK alone, the fintech sector employs more than 76,500 people, 42 per cent of whom are from overseas. This figure is even higher in the US, with 57 per…