Alcero is a company specializing in the development, implementation and deployment of Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft technologies such as Intranet, Extranet, Integrated Document Management, and Governance and Compliance Center.


Integrated document management (IDM)

Document governance and security are constant concerns for managers. Alcero can implement an integrated document management solution using a local SharePoint or Office 365 installation, thanks to its expertise and the use of Collabware add-ins to help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Establish data governance and security systems
  • Protect the organization from unwanted data access or sharing by employees
  • Unify methods for managing paper and electronic documents
  • Adapt business rules to the document management process in order to achieve user transparency
  • Facilitate user adoption of new management methods
  • Ensure data retention for legal and historical purposes

Alcero’s extensive experience in building documentary data management systems gives us the ability to develop simple and effective maintenance solutions for your organization.


Microsoft is a preferred partner for Alcero, because it offers a full suite of readily available, proven technologies for developing effective solutions for your organization, whether installed locally or cloud-based. A corporate intranet needs to be built with a solid deployment framework and a logical architecture to handle various application needs.

With an intranet, you benefit from a solid base for meeting your needs in communication, collaboration, data governance, data security, compliance and organizational productivity. Optimized management of data flows makes it easy to automate the necessary actions during the document life cycle.


Organizations seeking to improve their operational processes and gain a competitive advantage build an extranet on the following principles:

  • Reduce the number of bridges between various partners and clients
  • Offer a secure environment for sharing, collaboration and data access
  • Build a portal for target applications
  • Manage and control access
  • Extend the organization’s intranet

Alcero’s experience in building extranets will allow you to benefit from the best industry practices. By working with Alcero to implement and deploy an extranet, you will achieve the following benefits:

  • Extranet development based on best practices
  • Design aimed at simplifying change management
  • Inclusion of key extranet features and structured sharing and collaboration

Optimization of your current infrastructure and integration with your intranet

Electronic documents management

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is an Office 365 and SharePoint service that allows organizations to manage, search and publish (document life cycle) documentary data. Depending on whether it is used for collaboration, compliance, projects or communications, the application of the document life cycle through EDM can take several different forms. Here are the EDM architecture elements offered by Alcero:

  • Logical architecture for documentation
  • Organization plan
  • Retention calendar
  • Metadata structure and plan
  • Structured document processes
  • Development of library services: data input and output management, version management, audit, history, security, access control and more.

Depending on needs, integrated document management (IDM) can be an added layer on top of EDM for document governance and compliance.

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