Many business owners find it time-consuming to engage in social media marketing campaigns or get involved with SEO. Here’s where we come in. We’re a team of professionals, passionate about giving your business an unforgettable online presence and helping you succeed amid the tough competition. We know how to create leads from multiple venues. Our knowledge and skills in internet marketing and networking help businesses generate more sales and in turn, more revenue.

We believe that small businesses make communities work. We can help grow your brand and add a professional spin on your company. If we work together, we can create lasting results that give you time, freedom, and a better ROI.

Over 10 Years of Experience

We’ve been marketing and driving sales for businesses for over ten years. We’ve helped several companies get their feet off the ground and become more successful through online digital marketing techniques. Our working experience and partnerships span across different sectors, including telecommunication, finance, and retail. We have created and marketed content for software developers, auto mechanics, bloggers, flooring specialists, and health specialists.

How We Work

We believe in putting a professional touch to our business partnerships. We’re always on the lookout for the current and most effective marketing method that’ll grow your brand. Irrespective of the current size of your business – big or small – we’ll plan out the perfect marketing strategy that’ll produce exceptional results. As a growing business, we understand the challenges businesses face. Therefore we’re flexible enough to tailor a package that’ll work for your budget. We’re also very open-minded, ever ready to listen to your opinions, and welcome your suggestions.

Our Team

We have a team of qualified and dedicated experts with top notch education, skills, and experiences to market your business and take it to unimaginable heights. Each team member understands that the goal is to help your business succeed. Together, we bring a multitude of accomplishments and technical knowledge to provide a high ROI for each client.

What We Do

We know a lot about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GMB+, and LinkedIn network social media management. Through this knowledge, we can create compelling profile pages ad cover photos, and edit videos for your social accounts. We’ll use social media to build a loyal following for your brand. We have tools to measure the types of status updates that get the most clicks and attract your target audience.

We’re experts in creating optimized articles, blog posts, social profiles, and directory submissions. We also create optimized, converting and goal generating websites.

We use SEO (search engine optimization) methods  to stay ahead of your competitors and get your top products and services showing up in the top search engines. We can provide full work reports whenever you’d like to let you know how well your rankings and social media campaigns are doing.

We use automatic email systems to quickly get in touch with your future clients and close sales quickly. This system also keeps them engaged in new promotions, services and offers.. We have access to countless top educational podcasts, webinars, and other top resources full of the latest trends insocial media and SEO techniques.

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Meet our Ottawa SEO Team

Lark Begin has been a part of our team for over nine years. She’s hardworking, determined, and passionate about helping businesses grow their online presence. Her portfolio includes multiple companies that she has successfully helped to rank on search engines.

Jean-Marc Begin is a serial entrepreneur and knows what it takes to grow a business from scratch. His knowledge of client relations and sales is top-notch. He’s continually partnering with local businesses in Ottawa to help them succeed.